School chaplains make a valuable contribution to the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of school communities across Western Australia. School chaplaincy services are designed to form part of the already existing wellbeing and pastoral care services provided within the school community. 

 School chaplains must be able to provide support for a range of day to day matters affecting the school community and communicate effectively with a diverse group of people. They can become involved in a wide variety of issues including health, social and values education and emotional support.

 School chaplains must ensure that all services that are delivered are:

• approved by the Principal;

have the appropriate prior parental/guardian consent, where relevant, as per existing school policy; and

• have the voluntary consent of students who participate. Click here to access more information on the Roles and Responsibilities of a Chaplain.

Our School Chaplain at Mount Lawley Primary is an In-School Chaplaincy position (1 day per week - Tuesday and Thursday mornings).

The Chaplain is involved in many ongoing roles:

You can email our school chaplain, Andrew by clicking here.


  • Working with a number of individual students (with parent permission), meeting with some of them regularly over the term/year. The Chaplain works closely with the School Psychologist and other Student Support staff in some of these cases.

  • Staff support has been a significant role. The Chaplain spends time with a many staff from across the school, speaking with them on a number of levels to do with student
    welfare, workplace pressures and family issues.

  • Facilitation of small groups. These have involved relationship and confidence building and focused on areas such as using iPads and film making. It resulted in a version of the Australian National Anthem, and a film of video tricks, both of which have been used in assemblies. The students also worked on a film to support the school’s vision - Together: Learn, Respect, Inspire, Create, Celebrate.

  • The Dads & Kids Campout has been a standout success in Term One for several years, making connections with Coolbinia Primary School dads, and the Chaplain has been exploring further links with Coolbinia PS, Mount Lawley SHS and the Fathering Project.

  • With his media skills, developing community and communication have been an area that has resulted in a short film produced by the Chaplain for World Teacher’s Day, where students spoke about their teachers and the school. Work has also begun on a School Video, focusing on developing community and celebrating the school’s work.

  • Involved in working with a team of staff to set up and prepare Banksia magazine. The Chaplain has also taken photos around the school and its events for this project.

  • Involved in the establishment of our new website. This has involved working with staff and parents to identify the key elements and populating content.

  • Coordinating the end of Year Carols on the Lawley Lawn event, where our students perform with the high school.

  • The Chaplain is involved in our student's transition to high school.


Further information about the Chaplaincy Porgramme is available form the Department of Education by clicking here.