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 Parent Representative Nominations for the School Board

 As a result of several parent representative vacancies, the school now seeks nominations from interested parties to become members of the Mount Lawley Primary School Board.

 Nominations are sought to fill three vacant positions on the School Board. An election will be held to fill these vacancies if more than three nominations are received. 

 Nominations in the form of a short profile (100 words or less) outlining the skills that you will bring to the Board are to be submitted on the nomination form available on the school’s website and should be sent to  

Alternatively, nomination forms can be dropped in the School Board drop box in the school’s front office. Nominations will close at 16:00 on Friday 24 November 2017.

 The following links provide more information about the role of a School Board and the skills that we are seeking:

 The board has an important influence on the direction of the school, with members bringing ideas and lending their expertise to strategic planning and community partnerships. Professional skills in areas such as management, finance, education, procurement, marketing and cultural knowledge support the principal and strengthen the school’s capacity to meet the needs of its students.

 If you believe you have the requisite skills to contribute to the development of the school, we would encourage you to put forward your nomination.



Welcome to the MLPS Board Page. 

Mount Lawley Primary School becomes an Independent Public School in 2017. An important part of this transition is the formation of a School Board. Background information on Independent Public Schools and their Boards can be found below. Members of the school community are welcome to attend Board meetings as observers.

The School Board, comprising of staff, community and parent representatives, meets on a regular basis. The School Board has a number of functions including participation in establishing and reviewing from time to time, the school’s objectives, priorities and general policy directions, evaluating the school’s performance in achieving the objectives set and to promote the school in the community. The Board also takes part in formulating the codes of conduct for students and may take part in selecting key staff members.

The Board approves school fees and charges and any agreements for advertising or sponsorship for the school. The Board determines the dress code for students and provides advice to the Principal on spiritual and values based education.

Board members are drawn from parents, the community, staff and the Principal. 

Board email address:




Parents Community Staff
Mei-Ling Day David Abbott (P&C Rep) Principal
Tim Dickie  Steve Williams  Grace Adam
Amy Lander Alberto Tassone Debbie Taylor
Gemma Scarparolo Narrelle Thambipillai
Cara Davis (Secretary)
Mark Burns



16 February 2017  Available here Available here
16 March 2017 Available here Available here
16 March 2017 (Annual Public Meeting) Available here Available here
11 May 2017 Available here Available here
1 June 2017 Available here Available here
3 August 2017 Available here Available here
24 August 2017 Available here Available here
26 October 2017 Available here not yet available
23 November 2017 not yet available not yet available


The Board meeting on 26th October was well attended by members of the MLPS community to hear a presentation on the school’s 2017 NAPLAN Results. Mrs Monck reviewed the positive results, and then walked the audience through the range of actions underway at both a classroom and leadership level to put in place strategies to target improvements in the areas identified. The Board also spent time discussing some proposed timetable amendments, the school’s decision on languages from 2018, proposed changes to the School Uniform Policy and the Board’s own Succession Plan and upcoming vacant Board positions. The work of the Out of Hours Care sub-committee was reviewed, and the Principal gave an update on the busy first few weeks of Term 4. The last Board meeting for 2017 will be held in the Staff Room at 7pm on 23 November.  


Terms of Reference (including Codes of Conduct) Board Members Skillsets
Board Transition Plan School Planning Cycle
Dept of Education - IPS Information Dept of Education - IPS Board Information


Other Documents


MLPS Parent Survey – 2016 Results and Analysis MLPS Council – Plan & Targets 2017 - coming soon
MLPS Parent Survey – Action Plan MLPS Council – 2016 Annual Review




++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ARCHIVE 2016 Information +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

2016 Council Meetings




18 February 2016

Available here

Available here

10 March 2016

Available here

Available here

12 May 2016

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Available here

9 June 2016

Available here

Available here

28 July 2016

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Available here

25 August 2016

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Available here

20 October 2016

Available here

Available here

8 December 2016

Available here

Available here

8 December APM

Available here

Not yet available


Council Governance Framework

Terms of Reference

Dept. of Education - info on Councils

Code of Conduct - Members

Code of Conduct - Observers

Council Functions & Organisation

School Planning Cycle


Other Documents

MLPS Parent Survey - 2015 Results and analysis

MLPS Council - Plan and Targets 2016

MLPS Council - 2016 Mid Year Progress Review


School Council Agendas 2015  School Council Minutes 2015
 Thursday 19 February  Thursday 19 February
Thursday 19 February  Thursday 19 February
 Thursday 12 March  Thursday 12 March
 Thursday 30 April  Thursday 30 April
 Thursday 28 May  Thursday 28 May
 Thursday 30 July  Thursday 30 July
 Thursday 17 September  Thursday 17 September
 Thursday 29 October  Thursday 29 October

 Wednesday 9th December - Annual Public Meeting

Council Meeting

Wednesday 9th December -  Annual Public Meeting

Council Meeting