Our Community

Community involvement is a feature of our school and each year the community’s active participation in the academic, social and sporting programs is something that continues to grow.

The Mount Lawley School Board is represented by parents, staff, community members and the principal working in partnership to support and monitor the school direction and performance. The School Board meets twice a term. Click here to access more information abut the School Board.

The school’s P&C Association is an active parent community which works collaboratively to enhance student learning and school programs.

The P&C has a number of subcommittees including Social and Fundraising, Education and Uniform. The subcommittees organise a number of social activities and educational activities for parents and students during the year. The regular student discos still continue to be an important calendar feature.

There have been many initiatives and activities that the community have either initiated or organised:

  • Assisting with the aftermath of the fire
  • School Banking
  • Discos
  • School and interschool activities
  • Netball programs
  • Classroom assistance
  • Dad and Kids Camp Out

Throughout the year the P&C’s fundraising activities enabled the school to purchase many new resources to enhance the learning programs of our students.

Click here to access more information about the P& C

Parents assist the school in many ways including participation in school/community committees, assistance in the classroom, especially through our LAP program, coaching and officiating at sporting events, assisting with excursions and camps and being involved in fund raising activities. 

We will continue to build on the positive relationship we have with our community using strategies already in place. Major emphases will be on continuing to enhance the physical environment, improving and refining major policies across the school and in continuing to make our school a welcoming and supportive learning environment for new and existing parents.

The input, commitment, advice and moral support provided by parents and community members is something that we all acknowledge and are proud of.