Uniform Shop

The Mount Lawley Unifor Shop is open on Monday mornings from 8.30 to 9.30am in the Covered Assembly area.

The school uniform is specified and endorsed by the School Board. 

The Parents and Citizen’s Association runs the Uniform Shop to supply families with good quality, reasonably priced uniform items.

The Uniform Shop is located in the Covered Assembly area  and is open Mondays 8.30 – 9.30 am.  Due to insurance costs, the shop only holds a minimum shelf stock. Stock is primarily to cater for new families and to replace any lost or worn out items.  There is one annual uniform order conducted at the beginning of Term 4 and delivered prior to the end of the year. There is a small selection of second-hand uniform items available at the shop for heavily discounted prices. Only current uniform styles can be sold second-hand. 

The shop is staffed by parent volunteers.

It can be difficult to work out what uniform items to order.  Consider your budget, laundering frequency and child’s preferences.   Bear in mind that Year 1 and 2 do physical activity for 30 min every morning in addition to the 2 weekly sports sessions.  They are also encouraged to be physically active at lunch recess.  Good fitting sports shoes are essential. Girls will need to have royal blue or navy blue sports underwear if they wear dresses (for decorum and to avoid teasing). 

The school has four faction colours:  blue, green, red and yellow. Factions allocations are made early in Term 1 and an order form for faction T-shirts will be sent home with the notification letter. All siblings are placed in the same faction.   Faction t-shirts need to be worn for sport lessons, especially in Term 3 leading up to the faction athletics sports day. 

Year 1 students are very hard on their clothes; they get chewed, cut with scissors, torn in the playground, and splattered in glue, paint and dye. Hats, windcheaters and jackets in particular, must be labeled with the child’s name because they are always being lost. There is a lost property crate outside the staff room. 

Finally, while the Uniform Shop provides the official uniform items, other commercially available products can be substituted provided they are a similar design and a good colour match.  All tops, shorts, skorts and pants are royal blue. 

Click on the adjacent picture to download a sample of the school uniform items.

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