The enrolment requirements differ from school to school.  We are a local-intake school and we have a designated geographical area which includes the inside area from Alexander Drive to Central Avenue to Walcott Street to Railway Parade click here to view, from which our enrolments are taken.  We accept all applicants from within our defined area, subject to residential qualifications. An eligible child whose place of residence is within the local-intake area is guaranteed enrolment in the compulsory years of schooling (Pre-Primary to Year 6).

Families residing in the local-intake area may lodge an Application for Enrolment Form (Part A) and the Enrolment Form (Part B) concurrently, with the agreement of the school.

Parents are encouraged to apply by our closing date (Friday of the first week of Term 3) in the year prior to attending, even if the child is of compulsory school age (Pre-Primary to Year 6) and is guaranteed a place in the local school. This assists us with planning.  You will be advised in writing about your application within three weeks of the closing date for applications.  

Requested documentation

Your child's birth certificate, birth extract or passport (original or certified), your child's 'Immunisation Certificate' from Medicare, your child's proof of usual residence in the form of either your  current rates notice, current water bill or current lease agreement of at least six months and a current electricity or gas bill. A Statutory Declaration may be required. We also require any Family Court or other court orders and Visa details (if applicable).


There is further detailed information on the Application for Enrolment ( Part A) form.


Please call the front office on (08) 9370 2170 or email mountlawley.ps@education.wa.edu.au if you have any enquires.



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