Year 4 Excursion: Kings Park

AWST08:50:00 Thu Oct 2018

Download the Year 4 Excursion - Kings Park Rio Tinto Naturescape - Information, Permission and Payment form here - Please return by Wednesday 17 October 2018. 


Dear Parent or Guardian,


Your child is invited to participate in the following school excursion.




Excursion to:

Kings Park – Rio Tinto Naturescape


Thursday 18 October 2018







Departure time:


Arrival time:


Return by:





Participating classes:

Year 4 Students

No of students:





Members of the supervisory team are:

Anthea Baros, Michelle Mildern, Sandra Collins & Grace Adam



Contact arrangements during the excursion:

Please contact the school on 9370 2170.


Anticipated educational outcomes:

• Discover the history of Kings Park

• Understand the importance of Kings Park to Nyoongar people

• Discover how Nyoongars used plants and animals for food, medicine and shelter

• Learn the story of the first Europeans to reach this land through dramatisation

• Create a journey stick to record their personal journey through Kings Park and Botanic Garden.


Activities to be undertaken:

Students are invited on a journey through time and a changing landscape to learn about the historical and cultural significance of Kings Park. The journey through the Western Australian Botanic Garden allows the students to experience Kings Park as the Nyoongar people knew it and learn how plants and animals were used for food, shelter, tools and medicine. They discuss the Waugul (rainbow serpent), then use role-play to learn about the early European explorers and discover how Kings Park became the park it is today.


Means of transport:

Robinsons Bus Charters


Total cost of excursion:

$12.00 per student


Additional information: If your son or daughter has special needs, please provide full details. Please ensure your child’s medical records are up to date at the school office.


Thank you,

Year 4 Teachers