Life Education Van - In School Activity

AWST09:00:00 Tue May 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Life Education Van has been booked and we are very excited to have the van onsite in Week 4 (21 May – 28 May) at Mount Lawley Primary School for our Pre Primary to Year 6 students to visit. The Life Education program will deliver a broadly focused health and drug education program. The program adopts a sequential year on year, age specific approach and addresses a range of issues in response to school or class needs.

Children make decisions every day. We need to guide them through life’s challenges and choices, ones they will eventually have to make on their own. Life Education can support you in empowering children to make their choices healthy and safe ones.

The program offers the school the face to face delivery of an essential curriculum based program empowering children to make safe and healthy lifestyle choices now and into their adult lives.

Helps children to:

  • build their awareness and understanding of the link between the choices they make and their short and longer term consequences
  • value their safety and health and that of others 
  • develop attitudes that can prepare them to make safer and healthier choices and
  • identify strategies and build confidence and skills that can help them to deal with peer and community pressure

The incursion comprises:

  • Life Education mobile learning centre visit
  • Follow-up workbook or online resources for students
  • Follow-up manual and online resources for teachers
  • Health and drug education resource box

Cost for incursion:

  • Pre Primary - $7.00
  • Year 1 to Year 3 - $8.50
  • Year 4 to Year 6 - $9.00

We are looking forward to the incursion and the rich program it will provide to our students, staff and parents.

Kind regards,

Mr Nathanael Howard

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