Italian In-school Activity

AWST08:50:00 Tue Oct 2018

Dear Parent/Caregiver

The students in Rooms 5, 6, 7, 15 and 16 are invited to be part of an exciting Italian incursion being held on Tuesday 16 October. The incursion will be run by Into The Mask Theatre, a well-regarded drama company who specialise in commedia dell’ arte (the art of comedy).

Into the Mask Theatre will be running a commedia dell’ arte workshop with each class that will go for approximately 1 hour.

The following is an excerpt from their website describing the workshops;

 “The workshops incorporate a lot of physical exaggeration, strength and focus on encouraging students to become aware of their bodies in the space. Through these high physical workshops we help students gain the most understanding of the basic principles of the commedia dell'arte, such as the Fixed Archetypes, Mask, Improvisation and the concept of Lazzi.”

The cost of the incursion is being covered by the school’s Italian budget and therefore there will be no cost for students to attend. 

If you have any further enquires please email me:


Kind Regards

Christine Ashkenazy

Languages Teacher

Download the note here.