Phone App


The school would like to inform its community that as of Thursday, 21 February you can download the following free phone app. You will need to type in the following - Mt Lawley Primary School and the icons below should appear once you have downloaded the app.

The phone app will provide the community with a copy of the most recent newsletter, current news announcements, calendar, canteen menu, and access to the school’s website. Also included on the app are Call Us, Text Us or Email Us facilities. In a week’s time we’ll have information on our Uniform icon.


Update: Wednesday, 18 June2014

Please note that the school’s Phone App is currently been updated. Users will need to update the app from the Apple/Android store. Android users will also need to go into their phone Settings menu then choose Apps/Applications and select "clear data" and "clear cache". We will send a push message out when the update is available on the stores.