2017 Staff Directory

 The following personnel are staff members at Mount Lawley Primary School in 2017:

Staff Member Year Level Room No. Email - Click on names below to send email.
Teaching Staff
Ms Cavelle Monck Principal Admin Cavelle.Monck@education.wa.edu.au 
Mrs Sandra Martin  Deputy Principal Admin  Sandra.Martin1@education.wa.edu.au 
Mrs Grace Adam Deputy Principal Admin Grace.Adam@education.wa.edu.au
Ms Louise Hewitt Kindy 1 Offsite K1 Bronwyn.Hewitt@education.wa.edu.au
Mrs Jessica Clifton Kindy 2 Offsite K2 Jessica.Clifton@education.wa.edu.au
Ms Jasmine Praizelin Kindy 3 Offsite K3 Jasmine.Praizelin@education.wa.edu.au
Ms Debbie Taylor Pre-Primary 1 18 Debbie.Taylor1@education.wa.edu.au
Mr Daniel Jensen Pre-Primary 2 17 Daniel.Jensen@education.wa.edu.au
Mrs Jenny Gordon Pre-Primary/Year 1 15 Jenny.Gordon@education.wa.edu.au
Ms Tina Moone Year 1 1  Tina.Moone@education.wa.edu.au
Ms Clare De Felice Year 1 2 Clare.Defelice@education.wa.edu.au 
Ms Michelle Mildern Year 1/2 3 Michelle.Mildern@education.wa.edu.au
Ms Sheryl Green Year 2 4 Sheryl.Green@education.wa.edu.au

Mrs Lee Jasper

Mrs Sue Marshall

Year 2 (Mon - Thurs)





Ms Helen Summers Year 3 5 Helen.Summers@education.wa.edu.au
Mrs Debbie Pidco Year 3 7 Debbie.Pidco@education.wa.edu.au
Ms Sandra Collins Year 3/4 8 Sandra.Collins1@education.wa.edu.au
Ms Anthea Baros Year 4 13 Anthea.Baros@education.wa.edu.au

Mrs Elizabeth Gibbs

Mrs Kerry Burgess

Year 4 (Mon - Thurs)



Ms Theshani Siriwardena Year 5 10 Theshani.Siriwardena@education.wa.edu.au

Mrs Jenni Cater

Ms Lucy Ashton

Year 5 9



Ms Ali Roberts Year 6 11 Alexandra.Roberts@education.wa.edu.au
Mr Greg Ash Year 6 12 Greg.Ash@education.wa.edu.au
Mrs Judith Walpole Music 16 Judith.Walpole@education.wa.edu.au
Mrs Jennifer Downie Visual Arts Jennifer.Downie@education.wa.edu.au
Mr Nathanael Howard PE Nathanael.Howard@education.wa.edu.au
Support Staff
Mrs Lisa Freegard Manager Corporate Services Reception Lisa.Freegard@education.wa.edu.au
Mrs Lesa Mileto School Officer/Registrar
Reception Lesa.Mileto@education.wa.edu.au 
Mrs Nicola Brodie
Library Officer Library Nicola.Brodie@education.wa.edu.au
Mrs Susan Shaw School Officer Reception Susan.Shaw@education.wa.edu.au
Student Services
Ms Laura Curelic School Psychologist Monday Reception Laura.Curelic@education.wa.edu.au 
TBA School Nurse
Mr Andrew Paul School Chaplain Tues & Thurs am
Reception chaplain@lawley.wa.edu.au
Education Assistants
Mrs Paula Annesley
Kindy 2 K2 Paula.Annesley@education.wa.edu.au
Mrs Jenny Sara Kindy 1 K1 Jenny.Sara@education.wa.edu.au
Mrs Linda Gobby Linda.Gobby@education.wa.edu.au
Mrs Linda Humble Linda.Humble@education.wa.edu.au
Ms Anne Nerretlis PP2 Room 17 Anne.Neretlis@education.wa.edu.au
Ms Caroline Praetz PP1 Room 18 Caroline.Praetz@education.wa.edu.au
Mrs Di Quinn Dianne.Quinn@education.wa.edu.au
Mrs Alex Ridgway  Alex.Ridgway@education.wa.edu.au